Nordic Homes pty ltd is a company that is concentrated to provide customers energy efficient and long lasting homes.

Our staff has years of experience of building in Scandinavian countries and in Australia. By combining knowledge of building in harsh condition of both hot and cold climates, we are confident  that our house designs and structures will give our customers very efficient homes what will provide ease of mind for decades.


Our mission is to build responsibly considering surrounding environment and be respectful to our clients, material providers and with everyone in our supply chain. To meet our requirements we use experts in every field involved. We constantly monitor our suppliers quality assurance processes. We use materials and products that are quality certified so we can be sure that our houses are built efficiently and responsibly. 


Our vision is to be leaders in providing energy efficient self-sustainable homes. We always keep ourselves informed with new developments in building materials technologies and we are always looking for ways to optimize our supply chain. To make our vision real we develop our products to be best insulated and use only as much energy as needed.


Our Specialists

Triin Pikk
Triin Pikk
Rannar Pikk
Rannar Pikk
Manager, Sales