Nordic Homes pty ltd is a company that is concentrated to provide customers energy efficient and long lasting homes.

Thanks to all the modern building solutions we are able to offer our customers best in energy efficient kit homes. So that our customers can benefit to a cleaner planet and smaller carbon footprint without any impact to their everyday life. Nordic homes kit home solutions can cut average Australian household energy costs on cooling and heating by 30-45 %. At the same time providing every Australian family a cooler home in the summer and a warmer home in the winter.

Australia spends average 2 billion dollars a year on cooling and heating with air con alone. In 2019 24% of Australia’s energy came from renewable sources that means most our energy still comes from fossil fuels. Average Australian family spends 30-50% of total energy usage on heating and cooling it is the biggest expense every household has energy wise.

Thanks to our north European style insulation and window standards we can make a big difference for the wellbeing of the whole planet while doing nothing more then living in our new home.

We can all very easily be part of the solution.

OUR goal

Our goal is to bring Northern European highest building quality, experience and superior energy efficient building standards to our Australian customers.

We offer with every kit home as standard:

  • 200 mm insulated walls (200 mm rockwool)
  • If you choose our foundation solutions 100 mm insulation under the floor
  • 50mm roof insulation
  • Triple glazed windows
  • Full timber exterior doors

These are standard with every home we sell, adding the speed, cost effectiveness and ease of build you have a winning combination.

OUR promise
  • Cut down on construction times so you could move in and enjoy your new home as soon as possible
  • Cut down on construction costs with our easy to install kit home solutions
  • Offering premium quality products
  • Lowering energy loss from homes abels us to leave a much smaller carbon footprint
  • Save our customers cooling and heating bills between 30-45%


Our Specialists

Triin Pikk (Sales)
Triin Pikk (Sales)
Rannar Pikk (Manager, Sales)
Rannar Pikk (Manager, Sales)